March 20, 2014

"Me" day?

I really don't feel like doing anything today. I might wash some clothes and dishes and stuff, but otherwise I'm going to do what I want. And I really don't want to do much. I'm tired and bored and lazy.

That was something that Andrew and I talked about this morning. He suggested that I take a "me" day. I really don't do that very often. Like, I just have too much to do normally. I keep the house in livable condition for my family. I do college work for my future self. I do favors like making tshirts and stuff for my friends. I'm not saying that I'm totally selfless, but I don't deticate much time to keeping myself happy.

Sorry that I didn't blog for a couple days. I've been back and forth between my grandma's house and mine all week. I help her pack stuff and we have meals together and she helps me clean my house. Its a pretty good deal.

I've also started thinking a lot about cutting my hair again. I can donate it again too. I just have to decide on a style that I like. I really like this one, I'm just not sure how well it will work on my hair and how much effort it would take to style it every day:

This also means that I am now searching for an ariel wig and a merida wig. Feel free to leave links of where to get good ones in the description. That would be really helpful.

I should probably go do something productive, like editing the "TMI Tag" video that I filmed more than a month ago.