May 30, 2014

Knitting and Nerdfighteria

This morning, I finished the second of two knitted beanies. They're from a new pattern and are actually rounded on top instead of having the ear thingies. I'm planning on putting them up in the store pretty soon. I also bought a book of crochet hat patterns, so I plan on making a few of those up to sell as well. I just really like hats, so I figure other people must like them also. And I hope that people buy EVERYTHING I have when Christmas time comes around. I'm building up quite a stock since no one is buying anything right now.

When I was on Facebook yesterday, I saw a post in the Nerdfighteria facebook page about people maybe working together to do a vlogbrothers style channel. I mean, I've seen it done before, and this would be so that everyone blogs once a week, but I really want to do it. No one has replied to my comment of actually wanting to do this though. Idk. Its still early in the day, so maybe the team vloggery could still happen.

I've been thinking about how I really need to get back into writing, so today it is my goal to type up the first rough draft of the second Orio the hamster book. I figure that a book per summer would be a pretty good deal. I also really need to send my first book off to the publisher for consideration. I'm almost scared to. I fear judgement. But I have like three book ideas  in my head, so I need to get to writing.

It is finally Friday, which seemed to take forever to get here this week. I feel significantly better emotionally than I have at any other point this week. My mom and dad aren't mad at me anymore. I'm still confused on the topic of boys, but that isn't likely to go away any time soon, so I'm just kinda ignoring it.

So, I'm not sure if I told you about the boy situation, but here we go.

Last weekend, Andrew was at Comicpalooza, which meant minimal communication for about four days. And apparently I've become spoiled to communicating with at least one person for most of the day. During the time he was gone, I spent quite a bit of time on Facebook, and I befriended a guy in the Nerdfighteria group, Matthew. And we started snapchatting. And now I'm kinda split between two people. They're both fantastic.

  • Freaking adorable
  • lives not too far away
  • similar mindset to me
  • known since HS, talking for almost a year
  • in a non-committed relationship, kinda
  • depressed, but wants to get better
  • no real job, plans to go to trade school
  • not a nerdfighter, really
  • Freaking adorable
  • Lives far away, but plans to move to US
  • British (with the accent and everything)
  • has fallen head-over-heels 
  • nerdfighter
  • in college, plans to work at NASA!!!
  • is a lifeguard
  • parents approve
  • just started talking to him on like Saturday
  • likes TFIOS!!!!!
Its such a difficult thing. I'm kinda playing it by ear for now.