May 8, 2014

Hibiscus, Pocky, and THE FINAL FINAL

Yesterday, my mother and I went to the college that I take courses through and dropped off two of the books that I rented this semester. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and bought fabric for my Snow White dress (I'll explain the down side to that in a minute). After that, we went to Kroger, which is a store I really haven't been to in a long time. It was like the candy store of grocery stores.

This wasn't just a normal Kroger, it was a Kroger Marketplace. So it was huge. There was even a part that sold furniture and decor. I ended up getting two treats: a package of Pocky, and a new kind of tea. For those who don't know, Pocky is an Asian candy that is basically cookie/biscuit sticks dipped in dark chocolate. They're one of my favourite candies. And I don't really like dark chocolate. They come in other flavours, but most stores around here only carry chocolate and strawberry flavours, and I like the chocolate more than the strawberry. The new kind of tea was Hibiscus tea. I've never had any before now, but my dad has and he said it was good. So, I bought it.

I made myself a cup of hot hibiscus tea this morning, and after trying it, decided that it would probably be served best cold, so I put it in the fridge and I'm going to drink it with my lunch. Its almost  sweet and sour at the same time. Its weird. But good. At the moment, I'm enjoying one of the many diet foods that my mother bought, a special k protein shake in chocolate mocha flavour. Its good, but I'm afraid to drink all of it too fast. Its supposed to keep you full longer, so I thought it would be a good breakfast. The taste and consistency reminds me of the "just add water" milkshakes that came in the MREs we got during the last hurricane. I remember that the chocolate ones were pretty good, but the strawberry ones were horrible. Maybe I'll jump back on here and talk about my hurricane stories tomorrow or later today...

Now, about the Snow White dress. It was the idea of my grandma and great aunt betty to make a new dress instead of buying it piece by piece like I had planned. If I had bought it, it would have cost me about $20 for the skirt, $15 for the shirt, and I already had the corset. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. They just HAD to make it, because it would be better that way. My mother and I bought almost $150 worth of materials yesterday. For that, we could have bought a premade costume, and not one of the cheapie ones either. We're talking a really nice one.
I'm not really happy about the situation. And because I need the dress by weekend after this one, I get to spend this weekend with my mom, grandma, and great aunt making it. Blech. And I won't be helping much, since I can't really sew that well, nor can I cut out pieces very well. I hope this is worth all of the trouble, but it probably won't be.

I have a music final to go take today. Well, not go take, exactly, I'm taking it from my computer. This is going to take forever. But I'm pretty sure that I'll be done with this semester after this.