May 29, 2014

Lizzie learns to cook, part 1

I spent a lot of time knitting this week. I'm also working on listening to the audio book of tfios. Ive also been really sad the last couple days. I guess depressed would be a better word, but I dont have depression. I know people with depression and I am not depressed.

Yesterday, I went out to eat chinese food with my grandparents. Then we went to Joann's (a craft store) and I ended up buying two books. One was a bunch of crochet hat patterns and the other was the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook. Ive been wanting the cookbook for a long time. Which is strange, since I suck at cooking.

Ive decided to start learning to cook though. Mainly using this cookbook. I'm starting with the easy recipes.  This morning I made English Farmhouse Scrambled Eggs and Bacon. Basically, scrambles eggs with chopped up bacon and cheese on top. I made half the recipe instead of all of it, and it was plenty. I really dont eat much, so one egg and a slice of bacon was enough. It was really good. It looked unappetizing, but i will definitely make it again.

Im not sure what I will make next, but I'm hoping its as much of a success as this was.