May 21, 2014

Recent Events

I know, I've been terrible about blogging. I wake up on tuesdays thinking that I'll blog, but then I haven't read a book to review and I don't even get on the computer that often. I don't like blogging from my kindle and my phone, but I may start doing it more often. I actually had a reason to get on the computer this morning, but I'll get to that later.

The princess thing on Saturday went pretty well. I mean, I got wrangled into being a judge for a karaoke contest, so I only got to be two princesses (Snow White and Merida) and I was followed around by a 13 year old boy the whole time, but it was money in my pocket and a good advertising chance. I handed out a bunch of business cards. I also got a request to do Elsa from frozen, so I've been looking around for the cheapest way to get that costume. So far, I'm either doing an old prom or wedding dress with a homemade cape or a $100 from I don't really like buying clothes from Amazon though, because I don't like having to return things and sizing charts aren't always right. I'm definitely not making the dress by hand though. Learned that lesson already.

Comicpalooza is this weekend. I really wanted to go, and I have a lot of friends/acquaintances that are going, but I can't go. I have a hair appointment on Saturday (YAY!) so being out that day or Friday would be out of the question. Then I have church on Sunday and I have no way to be there on Monday. I guess I'll go next year. I haven't given up hope on Oni-Con in Galveston later this year though.

I'm starting up a new youtube channel today. I have all of these videos of my brother's band concerts and stuff, and I know that he'll be playing instruments of some kind for all of eternity, so I'll have plenty to film in the future. I want to put them up on there so they don't just sit on my computer forever. It would make it easier for friends and relatives to see them and James can go back and evaluate his performances. I think I'm going to call it "MyBrotherTheMusician" or something like that. Its part of the reason I'm on the computer today.

The other reason is to print out the shipping slip for the textbook that I have yet to return. Blah. But at least the semester is over!

I went book shopping yesterday. I know, I shouldn't have. But I only got three books. It could have been more, because I went to half price books. I'll be reviewing them soon enough.