May 16, 2014

Snow White and the Princesses

I just printed out 100 business cards for my hire-a-princess thing. Why? Because I have a princess gig tomorrow! I'm going to be there pretty much all day, unlike what I would do when I'm in Old Town Spring. This is in the place that used to be Cypress Lakes for a thing called Hug a Tree, Kiss a Fish. There's supposed to be a lot of people there. And I'm going to do all three princesses. First Merida, then Snow White and then Ariel.

My mom is sitting across the table from me, working on my new Snow White dress. Its going to look awesome. The only problem is that we have to finish it tonight and its only about half way sewed. This should be interesting. Its probably going to take until late tonight. What fun.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. I mean, I know that I'll be handing out business cards, taking pictures with kids, and playing my ukuleles, but I'm not sure where in the place or if I'll be charging for the pictures or where I will be able to change costumes or anything. I guess I'll have to figure that out when I get there tomorrow morning. This should get me some more summer gigs and facebook likes. I'm going to need money because I'll be driving soon and I'll be actually going to college next semester.

I feel like this summer is going to fly by. I mean, there's still like three weeks until everyone else gets out of school, but whatever. Summer is now for me. I need to get my license, make some money, maybe get a job, make a new journal, and whatnot. I also want to go to the beach. And I want to see Andrew.

Talk to you guys next week. Probably on Tuesday.