May 5, 2014

Modoka Magica

I started watching a new anime series on Netflix. Modoka Magica. I thought it was going to be a happy, fun little show about 8th grade girls that fight ridiculous monsters. But instead its really dramatic and serious. Its crazy. I like it anyway though. The animation is really strange and colorful.

I wrote my summer reading list yesterday, AKA I wrote a list of all of the books I need to read before buying more. There are a total of like 28. I hope to finish most of them before summer ends. That way I can buy more books without feeling bad about it. This will also give me stuff to talk about on Tuesdays for reviews.

I have two tests to take today. I'm not sure if they're exams or not. I'm not really sure when some of my exams are. They have to be like this week, but I don't see them on the online calendar, so I'm kinda confused. I should probably get on them pretty soon.

I've kinda been lazy this morning. I watched anime and had coffee and made breakfast. I really don't want to take two tests in a row. I probably should have studied. Blah.