June 2, 2014


So, this morning I am uploading a new youtube video. But if you go to my channel, you won't see it. Why? Because its on a completely different channel that I am not the main owner of. Thats right, I'm participating in a collab channel.

Me and 5 other random strangers from Nerdfighteria are doing this vlogbrothers-style collaborative channel. Everyone has a specific day to upload videos, and my day is Tuesday. The video I'm putting up right now is the channel intro/trailer. I think it will be really cool to do this with several strangers and have it as a kind of vlog/penpal type thing. Some of them live in the US while others live in other countries. I'm excited about this.

We got this whole thing together between friday and now. Its been crazy and I've been on and off facebook and youtube and google plus and my email the whole time. We did a pretty good job for such short notice though. We start posting videos this week. It would be absolutely lovely if you all would watch them. It would mean a lot to me, and probably a lot more to the other people in the group.

It finally finished uploading. Here is the trailer: