June 28, 2014

I got my shopping fix...

I woke up around 8 this morning, and  I didn't get to go back to sleep because of two things: My little brother was watching cartoons, and I had to go to the bathroom. Sadly, my dad is STILL in the bathroom for some reason and it has been almost an hour. *explodes*

Anyway, I needed to get on the computer this morning so that I could invite people to this online party I'm having for Jamberry nails. They're like the most fantastic kind of nail strips/wraps that last between two weeks and all eternity. Ok, not that long, but a long time. I decided to host a party on facebook, which is like the easiest thing ever, because you hardly have to do anything, plus, you can get free stuff depending on how much your friends order from Jamberry. I can't wait to get my jamberry nails and try them out.

I have been in need of a shopping trip for a couple weeks now. Like, its crazy. I get shopping withdrawals, where I want to spend the whole day shopping and whatnot. Yesterday, I got my wish and from about 8:30 to 3:30, my mom and I were shopping. I got four new shirts (three from goodwill and one from Palais Royal), a new book (The Zombie Survival guide), a pair of doc marten ish boots, a cute little portable chess set (goodwill), a mickey mouse purse (goodwill), two scene it games (disney and nick, both from goodwill), and two vhs movies (alice in wonderland and the little mermaid, both from goodwill). It was a successful day of shopping. I think I might do a youtube video with my shopping haul. I feel like it would be fun.

Should I?