June 10, 2014

Love of reading

I have always loved books and reading. Even before I could read. Like, the first day of kindergarten, I came home upset because I already wanted to learn how to read. I'm also impatient, but thats a discussion for another day.

Since I have been able to read, I have consumed every bit of literature that has been given to me. Well, anything that I found interesting, which leaves out a lot of textbooks and required reading. I have probably read a couple thousand books in my lifetime, just estimating.

Something that I love about my youngest brother is that he absolutely loves reading. My mom and dad don't read much and my other brother doesn't like reading hardly at all, mainly because there are few books that he finds interesting. John Thomas, however, has somehow inherited the love of reading and reads books that are above his level like I did. He can read books at a fifth grade level and he just got out of second grade. To give some perspective, I was reading 12th grade level books in fifth grade. But reading levels are weird.

I love that I finally have someone besides my friends to recommend books to. I can tell John about Lemony Snicket and C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling. In fact, over spring break, we listened to an audiobook of the first Harry Potter book and he loved it. I think we might have listened to the second one also. Not sure that we finished it though.

Today, John and I were compiling our birthday wishlists, which we do at the beginning of each summer, to make it easier on our mom since our birthdays are in July. I was writing his for him, since his handwriting is still kinda horrible. And I was recommending things to put on the list. When I got around to books, we added The Magic Treehouse books, which are currently his favorites, and then I asked him about A Series of Unfortunate Events. He said he had never heard of it.

So, now we are laying in our bunks and listening to the audiobook version of The Bad Beginning. A kinda theatrical version. He says he likes it, so I'm going to add the series to his wishlist.

I think I may have decided what I am getting him for his birthday this year. I've never been very good at giving gifts, but I'm getting better. Having money to buy stuff with helps. I know that for Christmas, I am making knitted hats for the boys, and I kinda missed James' birthday this year. Not that he really cared. He doesn't like the gifts I give him. Not even the portable phone charging stick thing I gave him last year. He never finished opening it, so I took it and used it the other day.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I'm getting John some Chocolate Frogs for his birthday. The fair trade ones that the harry potter alliance did. Except they don't have them anymore so I have to buy them somewhere else. Like from amazon or Jelly Belly. And maybe I'll get him The Tales of Beedle the Bard too. I do know that
I want to put some audiobooks and some songs that he likes on one of my old mp3 players and give it to him though. I might do that before his birthday though. Not sure.