June 23, 2014

Question Tuesday

I haven't been blogging  much because I've been busy. And by busy, I mean I've been trying my best to enjoy summer.

I've been knitting and crocheting and teaching myself to play guitar and writing books and painting and helping with moving sales and making a birthday wishlist and reading and making videos.

If you don't know already, I am working with some other teenagers to do this collaborative youtube channel. I get to post on Tuesdays, which is pretty fantastic. This year, my birthday is on a tuesday, and I plan on doing a special video for that. And when I go to this big flea market in Canton after my birthday, I plan to make a "Thoughts from places" video.

We're mainly a vlogging channel, but we also do challenges and stuff too. Its going to get even more interesting as the days go by. We started off doing themed weeks, but we're abandoning that now that we're all used to the video making process. I mean, we're not the best vloggers, but we are pretty fantastic and interesting. And we're constantly posting videos. Literally, every day but sunday.

This week, I want to do a Question Tuesday video like the vlogbrothers do. However, this means that  I need questions to answer. The more the better. So, I need your help. PLEASE ask me something. It can be scientific, historical, musical, writing-related, about my family, about videos, about me, ANYTHING!!!

Seriously, I need you all on this. Ask me here in the comments, via google plus or youtube or tumblr or facebook or whatever you have. THANKS A TON!