August 26, 2014

So Scared...

So, I've made it to school. Sarah and I rocked out to many songs on the way here, including "College Kids" by Relient K, which seemed totally fitting. I went to the bookstore and bought the two books that I couldn't get anywhere else. One was written by the professor, so I HAD to get it here, but the other was one that I needed before the end of the week because I'm supposed to read a chapter and do work for speech class. $180-something for two books. I still have like 3 more that I have to buy. GRRR. SO EXPENSIVE. After I managed to find the student center and buy my books without freaking out, I have made my way to the library, where I will spend 3 FREAKING hours doing whatever I want/need to do each day until I decide to drive myself.

Andrew texted me this morning at like 6:45, which was really unusual, since he tends to sleep late, but really sweet. He's since fallen back asleep a couple times, I'm pretty sure, because there are huge gaps of time between texts, but whatever. <3 p="">
There are a ton of people (though not as many as my vivid imagination had assumed) but a lot of them are freshman, and you can tell, because they're in a group of like 10 and they're talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out where they have to go and they're stopping to look at every other map. I only STOPPED to look at a map once, but I have looked at like 3 while passing. I don't feel as inexperienced anymore, but I'm still nervous about the rest of the day.

At 11:00, I have Theatre (WHOO!), so I'll leave the library probably 5 or 10 minutes before then. I'm super scared but also super excited. I'm afraid that it will be less acting and more learning, which sucks, but I'll manage. Hopefully I can make some friends. Theatre people are naturally open and accepting of new people, right? Plus, its the first REAL theatre class that the college allows. We'll all be in the same boat.

At 12:20, I'll meet Sarah in the cafe thing above the library and we'll have lunch. I packed a pretty decent bento box for my first try. Its got tiny tomatoes, wheat thins, chocolate goldfish, cucumber slices, a little bit of salami (because I refused to pack ham because I hate ham), four pieces of cheese cut into star shapes, and fresh strawberries and pineapple. I'll instagram a picture, because it looks super cute. Of course, I'm not sure how it looks now since my mom made me turn the box sideways to put it in my backpack.

Speaking of backpacks, I took stuff out this morning, and its still really heavy. My lunch, a drink, my hoodie, laptop and charger, pencil box, one notebook, one binder, headphones, and a few miscellaneous things. It HURT to carry it while I stood in line at the bookstore. I need to re-think what I need and don't need. I suppose I'll know better after the day is over. I don't understand how people like my brother carry everything (books, folders, binders, pens/pencils, etc) in their backpack. I was always the kid who carried 1 to 3 books in her arms and any folders and stuff in her bag and that thing was still heavy. I'm not sure which is going to give out first: me or my backpack. We shall see in the coming days, I suppose.

I should probably post my first thing for today to Jamberry and get started on college work already. Its funny, some of the people around me (well, most of them) are working on actual work while I'm sitting here blogging because its fun. I'm sure that all of this typing looks like I'm being super productive, but I'm not. In fact, I'm kinda prolonging it because its a kind of stress reliever. The nervous energy that I have tends to escape through really fast typing. I don't understand why typing fast was so hard in the computer class I took in high school. I guess it was the fact that I was typing and reading at the same time, while all of this just flows from my brain. Oh well. It didn't really matter. And even then I was almost the fastest person in the class.

So, yes. I'm going to stop blogging and start being productive. What fun. I really don't want to.

*silent, exaggerated sobbing*