August 28, 2014

Homework, Sickness, and Hello Kitty

I'm not sure if the nyquil stuff that I took last night has completely worn off yet. I'm super tired. I need some coffee or something. Sadly, that's not happening. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but I did anyway. I feel like if I stay still too long, I might fall asleep again. Hopefully I can wake up before Theatre class. And hopefully I can pay attention in Biology class. I wish my nose would just be normal again and that I had energy. I did take daytime medicine before I left the house though, so that should start working soon.

I don't even know what to talk about this morning.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning for absolutely no reason, then went back to sleep and had a horrible dream. Like, one of those that when you remember it, you wish it had been one that you just forgot instead. I dreamed that my grandma died. I hate when I dream about death. I probably dream about it so often because I'm scared of it.

I wrote half of my political opinions essay for Government yesterday, and I need to write the other half today. I just finished taking notes on the first two chapters of reading in my Speech class, so now I have to post to discussions and choose my speech topic. I have no clue what I want to talk about. Maybe something related to books or Theatre. It seems like I know a lot about those. Like, "How we use theatre in everyday life" or something. Dang, this was the wrong time to get sick. I should be better by Tuesday though. I think I need to look up "Trifles" and read it again before Theatre class today. Not sure if we're going to be talking about it yet, but it would probably be good to look over it just in case. The book should be shipped by Tuesday though. My government textbook is a rental, but its on my kindle. So I have to  bring my kindle to school. Weird.

Enough talk about school, lets talk about something interesting.

Its all over the news this morning that Sanario or whatever announced that Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat. Weird. Everything calls this a "shocking" announcement. I'm not really that shocked by it, honestly. I mean, the character is always shown doing human stuff and acting like a human, so why not? And does it really matter?

The longer I sit here, the more tempted I am to get up and hunt down some coffee. In fact, there is a little coffee shop type thing upstairs above the library, but I'm not sure if its open yet, much less if anything they have is decent. Plus, all the money I have is supposed to go toward my Biology textbook and online access. BLECH.

I'm starving.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to check my instagram today (at lunch time) for my 2nd bento box. Its not as cute as the first one, but its just as yummy. At least it should be. I wish my stomach would stop growling. I probably should have eaten breakfast. I need to remember to do that next week.

I need to go do stuff, and I feel like I'm being really boring, so bye.

UPDATE: SO, just as I was posting this, a guy from my theatre class came up and sat beside me in the library. Turns out none of his friends were here yet. His name is Jose and he's hilarious and enthusiastic. We talked about blogs and youtube (he wants to start his own youtube channel, but doesn't have the ability at the moment) and exercise and friends and high school. He's pretty cool. I've officially made a friend, and I didn't have to do anything. YAY!