August 27, 2014

Allergies or something...

Yesterday was great after I calmed down. My nervousness lasted through Theatre class, but when I walked out, I felt really calm. I think its because the professor was super nice and made everyone feel welcome, plus we did a bit of calming/theatre exercises after he finished his first day shpeil. speil. spill. I DONT EVEN KNOW.

I think I'll probably make a few friends in there, and the class should be good fun also. There are two plays each semester. They're not required, but I really want to do at least one! I can't make the first one because the last day of auditions is tomorrow at 7 pm, and I'll have no way to get up there. Plus, practice is from 7 to 10 monday through friday, and I won't be able to make it. I may be able to do the second one for the semester though. I still have to attend all the performances so I can write reviews though.

Lunch was amazing. Wanna see what it looked like? Check my latest video on the KEEYSS channel or my instagram, silly! But, seriously, it was delicious and really filling. I think I almost packed too much food. And it was way healthier than if I had packed a sandwich or something. I think that for my lunch tomorrow I'm going to pack a bagel with imitation crab salad (kinda like chicken salad or tuna salad, but with imitation crab) and some veggies and fruit.

Biology class was mildly boring. A lot of the people in there seem really annoying and don't want to learn. Like, there was a whole ten minute period in the middle of class where they were talking nonstop and wouldn't let the professor get on with his lecture. I sat in the back row in the corner near the window and was silent the entire time. I paid attention and took notes (better notes than most people, probably) and doodled when other people were chatting. He said we shouldn't take notes on the slideshow, but on what he was saying, but there wasn't much that he said that was different from the slideshow. He is supposed to email the slideshow to us when he's done with it. I took notes on the slideshow because taking notes helps me get the material into my brain. Not to mention, I won't have to take notes on it later.

Today, I woke up feeling icky. My throat feels swollen, my eyes hurt, I have zero energy and a bit of a headache. I've been sneezing a lot both yesterday and today. I can barely breathe. I'm pretty sure that its seasonal allergies of some sort or maybe a cold. Which sucks, because I have crap to do today. Homework and fixing lunches and washing clothes and dishes and cleaning and crap. I feel horrible. I did manage to hunt down some dayquil type stuff, so hopefully that will help. I thought I was really exhausted yesterday because of school, but it looks like it was the beginnings of whatever this is.

Other than that, I have managed to create a post-it note system for keeping track of what I need to do in my classes. I have a binder that I have all of my syllabuses and my unbound (grrrr) speech textbook in. Its one that has a clear slip cover all the way around. Basically, I have a post it for each class with the stuff I have to do on it, and I can keep track of what I need to do. I write a to do list and put it on top so that I can mark it off as I go through it. Its working so far, so we'll see how long it lasts.

Well, I'm off to do stuff. Click clack bang bang we're in the murda bizness.