August 23, 2014

Asian Obsession

No, I'm not obsessed with Asian people (though I suppose they are a part of it, technically), I'm obsessed with the culture. Or course, due to the fact that I have never been to Asia, my view of the culture may be a bit skewed. I've probably talked a bit about this before. I love KPOP music and Oriental food and anime. But my obsession seems to have increased in intensity over the summer. Perhaps its the amount of anime I've watched, but I'm not really sure.

Lets first touch on the anime that I've watched over the summer...

Black Butler: Book of Circus
Maid Sama
Kamisama Kiss
Soul Eater

I feel like I've probably watched more, but Netflix and Hulu aren't that great at keeping a running list of what I"ve watched. The third season of Black Butler technically isn't all out yet, so I watch an episode or two when I get a chance. Maid Sama is one that I'm about 3/4 through, and I love it. Kamisama Kiss was super cute, but for some reason I can't remember the plot at the moment (as you might have noticed, I'm loving the shoujo genre right now). And I'm maybe 7 episodes into Soul Eater. I've started watching some that have subtitles, which is new, but I'm getting used to it. I still prefer dubbed ones though.

I haven't talked about this much before, but like any other teenage girl, I have problems with acne. Its super annoying and I hate going out in public when it gets bad. But, I do manage to cover the red ugliness with makeup most of the time (or at least dull its appearance) with makeup. I don't have a huge love of makeup, particularly since it doesn't help my acne much and because its a pain to put on, but I do love trying new products. In fact, I bought two new mascaras this summer to try and I love both of them (I might discuss them at a later date). For this reason, and because its hard to get american makeup that matches my pale, oily skin, I have decided to start trying out various asian makeup products.

I'm not rich at the moment, and I still have quite a bit of unused regular makeup, so I'm not buying any yet, but I have a plan to buy some throughout the year. I figure that doing well on a test, doing well with Jamberry, and holidays are probably good excuses to reward myself with a new makeup product to try. I've been watching a lot of videos by Michelle Phan and Grav3yardGirl on youtube, plus spending quite a bit of time on pinterest and window shopping on Amazon. My wishlist for makeup is full of stuff that I can't wait to try. If you use any of the products on this list or want to try them yourself, I'd love to hear about it in the comments (she writes as she remembers that a total of like 3 people have ever commented). Here's the link to my wishlist:

I mentioned earlier my love of asian food. We're talking sushi (though I'm kinda wary of raw meat), chicken, egg rolls, pork, rice, fried rice, wonton soup, crab puffs, GAH I'M SO HUNGRY! Anyway, I love it. As I talked about yesterday, I bought a bento box off of amazon and I'm super excited to use it. I have pinned a ton of bento box recipes on pinterest on the food board ( There's no guarantee that I'll actually use any of them, but I've at least got some idea. Right now, however, we have pretty much no food in the fridge and probably won't until later in the week when Mom and I go grocery shopping.

According to my research, a bento box is supposed to be set up like this, as far as food portions go:
This works out perfectly with my bento box, because I have the same size/shape sections (okay, a bit bigger, but same proportions). I've figured out my fruits (pineapple one day, and melon or apple slices another day) for this week. I think we have some carrots and celery, which I can use for the veggies. For the protein, I'm not really sure. We don't have much, but maybe I can do lunch meats or something like that. For carbs, I hate plain rice, but maybe I can manage to find a good recipe for fried rice or something like that. Or maybe I could do ramen noodles cooked like fried rice. Although that probably wouldn't be so great at room temp/cold. I really don't want to just do bread like my brother would, because I hate eating just bread. Maybe tortillas? I know this is just a guideline, but it would be a great way to eat healthy. Anyone else have any ideas for my bento boxes? Pack bento boxes or lunches for yourself on a regular basis? Have any tips? Let me know ASAP! And watch my instagram for pictures of my (most likely horrible) bento boxes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because what else is instagram for besides pictures of food and hipster things?

In other news, Andrew has started doing Ren Faire stuff again, so I have no one but my family and Sarah to talk to on the weekends. Joy. Its not that I don't like talking to them, its just that its a different kind of conversation. Maybe I also have an Andrew obsession... Nevermind, that sounds creepy and wrong on so many levels.

I'm super hungry, but its not dinner time. Dang. Oh well. See you all Monday! Or maybe tomorrow if I get too bored. BTW, do you dig the increase in links and pictures? Because I totally do.