January 29, 2015


Howdy. Sorry about the fact that I haven't been blogging so much. It sucks for me too. But I'm back for now.

While I haven't been blogging much, I have been writing. I'm editing my novel bit by bit. I'm also kinda looking into getting an agent. My mom thinks that she can act as my agent or I can act as my own agent, but I'm not sure that I'll be taken as seriously that way. I really want to be published by random house or penguin or scholastic. Like, those are the publishers that you see in book stores most often. I want my book to be one that actually ends up in stores, not one that you have to order online, which means I need one of those. And agents only take 15% of what you make, which isn't too bad. Finding one is going to be the issue, particularly since I'm a new author and I'm so young and that this is kind of a new concept for a book. Ransom Riggs is the only author that I know of that has used old pictures in his books before now. I'm kinda so freaked out about thinking that I'll never be published that I'm constantly putting off editing the book. Plus, editing is not fun at all.

But back to the writing. I'm starting on another novel right now. I had this idea a couple of days ago (won't spoil it for you yet!) and just kinda wrote down a short paragraph about it in a notebook that I have dedicated to such things. Shortly afterward, I watched a lifetime dramatization of J.K. Rowling's life story and how she wrote the books kind of out of order and was living off of welfare at the time. She ended up buying a typewriter and typing it up at the request of her friend for her to finish the first book. And within three years, she was a published author and one of the richest women of our time. I thought it was an incredibly inspiring story, since I want so badly to be an author and to improve my standing. I don't want to live with my family forever. And writing and acting are my two passions, honestly. At least, at this point they are. So, I took the idea from the movie of writing the story by hand first. The woman had already written the last chapter of the last book before she had finished the first one! I figured that if Rowling could write out of order, so could I. So, I grabbed a couple of blank spiral notebooks and got started. I swear, each page is about a different thing. Some of them are notes and some are actual parts of the story. But its not that hard for me to keep going when I can write whatever part I want to. I can work on making them fit together correctly later on when I'm typing it up. There's a certain freedom to it. I don't have to worry about losing an idea because it belongs later on in the story.

I love writing by hand, too. I have this fantastic pen that I've been using. I don't get favourite pens often, but I love this one. Its green, of all colors, but I love writing with it. Its a "Frixion clicker" made by pilot. Its an erasable pen, so heat makes the ink fade, but I don't plan on getting the notebook warm. I keep it with me pretty much all the time. Plus, if it does fade, I can stick it in the freezer and bring it back to being at least partially visible. I need more of these pens. I could even use them in my theatre stuff since they're erasable. Pencil is safer though, for theatre. I plan to keep writing on this book this semester. I'm still stuck for the plot points, but plots have always been my downfall, endings especially. I get a beginning and then I get stuck. I do have a general idea of this one though, I just need to make sure that it doesn't go too fast, and I would love to make some smaller plots to go in and twist around the bigger one. I swear, I am full of words!

Late last week, my right eye started swellinf up for no apparent reason. I've gotten styes before (kinda like an eye pimple), but its been a long time since I had one. As it turns out, that's what it was. I've been taking anti-inflammatory meds (advil, naproxen sodium, whatever you want to call it) and using special eye drops and warm compress and all that. I think the thing that bothers me the most is not being able to wear contacts. I never realized how much I don't like wearing glasses. I feel like my clothes and hair and makeup don't look as good when I'm wearing them and that people are judging me harshly for it. Most of this is just my imagination being horrible, but I hate it nonetheless. I feel like that second grader that just got glasses and thinks people will make fun of them for it. In reality, it doesn't really matter, as long as I can see. But I've been so needlessly self conscious this week, which is ridiculous, since I've gotten more complements this week than I have in a while. A complement on my Elsa shirt yesterday. And on my combat boots the day before. And on my ukulele today (well, I think it was a complement, It was shouted from a car while I was in the parking lot, so I didn't hear it well). Self image is so weird. And today I went out of my way to make sure that I wore something that I felt pretty in, and that I made my hair and makeup look good. Today has been a good day as far as looks are concerned. I also just realized a few minutes ago that the skirt I'm wearing today would work really well for a 10th doctor genderbend cosplay. I just need a red tie, a blue collared shirt, red converse, and a trenchcoat. Rocking the pinstripes. *insert flirty wink and finger guns here*

Did that even make any sense?

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and even though I've overwhelmed my body with vitamin C and other healthy things, its worse today. And the fact that I talk a lot because of theatre and sing a lot since I'm, well, me hasn't helped. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. I have a play to be performing in less than a month! Speaking of which, if you live in the area, you should totally come see it. I'll be performing it quite a few times. And if you're a blog reader that I don't know personally, you could totally come up and say hi afterward. Like a mini, not-at-all-even-slightly-famous-person meet and greet. I'll give more details about it a little later. Its during the last couple of weeks in February.

God, I've written a lot. And I've only been sitting here like 30 minutes. It took me that long to get blogger to load on my computer before that. I guess I just have all these words clogged up in me from not really talking to anyone all day. And with the caffeine on top of that. Andrew was away, so I haven't talked to him. Sarah's busy with whatever. Mom has been at work. I don't talk much to people at college. I just needed to talk. Thank you, blog reader, for being here so I can pour my soul out to you.

I swear, I will eventually be doing book reviews. I have one book read already, waiting for me to review it. And I'm in the process of reading two others.

Almost time for play rehearsal. TTYL!