January 15, 2015

On My Own

Today is the first day that I will be driving to school on my own. I'm kinda scared. Every other time I have been driving with my mom in the car. But now I actually have my license (WHOO! I CAN DRIVE!) and I have school so I have to drive. I don't enjoy driving so much as you'd think I would.

I got up at 7:30 this morning. I showered and got dressed and organized some stuff and rented the one textbook that I need for government class this semester (Biology class got cancelled, but its whatever).

I am absolutely starving and there's nothing to eat for breakfast unless I want to make scrambled eggs or muffins, which I'm too lazy to actually do. Or I could eat trix cereal without milk. Or club crackers. Maybe I'll just buy a candy bar or something when I get to the college. And when I get home at like 1:30, I can scrounge around for actual food to eat.

Sorry I haven't been blogging. This week has been super busy and I've been so tired. I have had play rehearsal every night this week so far. I don't have practice again until Tuesday, thank goodness. Its from 7 to 10 each night that we have it, and I have to leave at 6 or earlier to get there in time and I get back at like 11. I scarf down food and go to bed immediately. I suppose it will be better when I manage to get into a routine.

I have to have something to eat. Maybe I'll vlog or something today when I get home. I missed tuesday's vlog for keeyss, but I should have one for next week.