January 22, 2015

The one where it rained

Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally back to the blog. I think I'm going to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I stay at school all day. I get here at 11, and after an hour of class, I'm free until like  6:30/7-ish.

Today is a very cold, rainy day. It didn't seem like it, but it started raining on the way to college. The cold followed. I got to use the gigantic umbrella that my Pawpaw put in my car a little while back. The thing is, it makes me look incredibly tiny, like the Morton's salt girl and her umbrella or something.

I'm currently sitting in the cafe above the library, trying to be warm. My lunch was mostly warm, and I have a hoodie. But I didn't think and ended up wearing flats instead of my boots, so my feet and the bottom of my pants legs are soaked. Oh well. Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee a little later to help me warm up.

I'm sitting on the floor, since all the tables are taken, which sucks. I've got my laptop and kindle and a couple of dvds and a book to keep me busy today. If the rain lets up a little, I may go fetch my uke from the car and sit outside and play and sing. Maybe I'll find a place under an awning or cover of some sort. I'm listening to "Good Morning Sunshine" by Alex Day in hopes of driving the clouds away with happy, warm thoughts.

I was actually planning on writing a review for the book that I read the other day, but I really don't feel like it. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow or Tuesday. I should also probably work on memorizing lines or editing my book. Eeeew. Oh well.

I'll talk to you all later, I guess. Stay warm! :)