January 16, 2015

Happy Friday

I come to you this morning from a glass of chocolate milk, a couch, and an episode of Friends. I was going to be lazy this morning and sleep in. But I didn't really get to sleep, since the dogs kept barking. I got out of bed specifically to get them to stop, but they kept barking at NOTHING. So instead I was lazy by laying in bed and tumblring.

I started watching Friends as soon as I found out that it was on Netflix. I'm on like season 4 or 5. I binge watch this show, and its fantastic.

I made it to school and back without any problems yesterday. Of course, I suck at parking, so I looked like a fool. I pulled in the space crooked and when I tried to fix it it got worse, so I just stopped trying. I was technically in the space, which is really all that matters.

I actually did film a youtube video yesterday, I just didn't get to edit and upload it. I plan on doing that today. I also have to write a bio about myself to go in the playbill for the show and send it to the director. I should also start working on the first couple of assignments for my two classes that I'm taking this semester.

I feel like I am being the most boring person in all of bloggerdom right now. Oh well. Check on my youtube channel in a little while for a new video.