January 7, 2015


I know that my hiatus was kind of longer than expected. I missed the blog though. I'm glad to be back. And I love writing, so I'm not giving up the blog any time soon. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

As far as what has been happening since the beginning of November, I guess I owe you an update. First of all, I finished the first draft of my novel. I still need to finish editing it, but I hate editing. The clothing month of Seven ended a little early, but it went pretty well. No real spiritual revelations from it though. This month is the month of Seven in which we give away 7 items each day. I'm kinda ahead, but I'm getting rid of a bunch of books and clothes, so that's why. In other news, I failed my driving test because of parallel parking. I know exactly how I went wrong, its just that the lady at the dps was a total jerkbag and freaked me out before the test started by telling me that my insurance went out that day. I cried as soon as I hit the little rubber post thing in front of the car and cried until I was half way home. My next test is next week on Tuesday, so be praying that I get it right this time.

I really need my licence because I won't have another way to get to and from school. Sarah is taking a semester off, so she won't be driving me. Plus, I've got play rehearsal every weekday from 6 to 9. YES, I AUDITIONED FOR A PLAY AND GOT THE LEAD ROLE. And I kinda need to get a job of some sort to help pay for college stuff. I'm looking at this semester and at least one more, probably two at lonestar, then going off to SHSU. And spending money would be nice too.

I think my first real job should be either around books, coffee, or craft supplies. Because my college is close to a few stores like this, it shoudn't be too horribly difficult. There's Hobby Lobby, which would be great because they pay great, or at least so I've heard. And working at Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books would be awesome because I would get to be around books. I love books. Like, I just re-organized my bookshelf a couple days ago and it looks awesome. I'm not sure if I would be able to work at a coffee shop though. I'm afraid that I can't remember enough or understand people taking well enough to take orders, which would put me cleaning tables and sweeping floors, which would suck. Idk. We'll see how that goes.

I started watching Friends on Netflix a couple of days ago. I'm already like 6 episodes into season 2. I love this show. And it makes me want coffee. So I've had a cup of coffee each day that I watch it. And it makes me miss the 90s. And I also relate to the characters a lot right now. Three of them have almost no income. Like, the jobs that they do aren't significant enough to make a decent amount of money. And I'm a lot like Rachel in that I'm all about making sure that I get what I want and working hard for it. I'm a lot like Pheobe sometimes because I can be really silly and ditsy. And I'm quite a bit like Monica in that I can freak out about things really easily.

Anyway, I've got to do some cleaning. See you probably tomorrow or something.