June 15, 2013

Its a musical day in the neighborhood...

Today has been very... musical. I started the day with cleaning, but not just any cleaning... INTENSE CLEANING.

Yeah, my mom has been on this kick for the last couple weeks to clean the WHOLE HOUSE in a very intense way that includes organizing everything into boxes and cleaning every visible surface. She went to the store a bunch of different times this week and bought containers galore. A shoe organizer. Boxes for cereal. Boxes for chips. Boxes for bread. Boxes for whatever we think would go in. Toy bins. And we cleaned all kinds of things like the fridge and the bathroom.

So, yes, along with the cleaning came the music. I have this habit of listening to music when I clean because it makes it more enjoyable. Music can make most anything more enjoyable, even washing dishes like I was doing this morning. Washing dishes at our house takes forever because there are dishes from a family of five along with cooking dishes in a REALLY SMALL SINK. They have to be washed by hand because we don't have a dishwasher. Very unpleasant, especially when my brother manages not to help me by drying the dishes in the dish drainer.

At about 10:52 (before the dish washing, actually) I finished writing my second letter to my friend, Ellen, and one of the last thank you cards from graduation. I put on clothes and threw up my hair, then ran down to the mailbox to make sure that they got picked up today. The mail usually runs at our house at around 1:00 or so, but I wanted to make sure that this got done. I have been waiting for my friend to find out her address for about two weeks now (she is in college this summer) so that I could start sending letters, and she posted it on facebook this morning.

I played my ukulele quite a bit. I find myself doing that when I am bored or need to relax. I keep looking around on the internet and learning how to play songs that I like. One of the songs that I really like right now is "Fireflies" by RON POPE. Its really good but also really sad.

This evening, my dad told me that I needed to find a song to sing for a special at church tomorrow for father's day since the service was going to be a little bit different. So, I have T-minus 12 hours to fully learn "Gold" by BRITT NICOLE by heart and be ready to sing it tomorrow morning. Oh, the joys of someone else's procrastination.

I also sat down and edited a video book review this evening and uploaded it to youtube. Just go to my channel and find the last video I uploaded. youtube.com/user/lizardbreathwalker

Oh, and don't be SUPER surprised. I died my hair like I had promised. That marks another one down on the summer to-do list.

Elizabeth Walker