February 3, 2015

Into the Woods

Today is yet another rainy day that I am spending at school. January and February are just rainy months for Texas. I kinda hate it right now though. Its super cold and wet (although it hasn't flooded, thank God) and I have to stay indoors, especially since I'm finally getting over this stupid cold.

My day started at 7:00 this morning, when I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep when my parents left the house. And then, thirty minutes later, my alarm went off. Just a little while back, my phone charger died, so my mom bought me a new one. Sadly, it doesn't reach to my bunk, like the last one did. So, to turn off my alarm, I have to actually get out of bed now. It sucks. But I suppose that its good, since I'll be getting out of bed faster than I normally would. I did spend an excess amount of time on my phone today though, which meant that I had showered and gotten dressed, but not packed or done my hair or makeup with 30 minutes until I needed to leave the house. And, in all of this rush, I remembered my water bottle and my cup of tea, but forgot half of my lunch. I made it to school and then to class though.

Class today consisted of rehearsing a scene a few times with a classmate, Gigi, who is this gorgeous dancer, about a year younger than me at the most. I swear, she makes me feel like an ogre who was dressed by a colorblind grandma. She's fabulous and her clothes make her look like she belongs in a magazine or something. She's not a bad actress either. After rehearsing, we performed along with a bunch of other groups in front of the class and received a bit of a critique for the scene. We perform again on Thursday, but for a grade.

After class, I retreated to my car and enjoyed a solitary lunch of crackers and salami slices and water and a granola bar. I spent at least two hours in the car, reading and playing ukulele and texting Andrew. At that point, it was getting too cold to stay in the car and I didn't feel like starting the car to warm it up, so I walked across campus to the cafe above the library, where I am now. I spent an hour or so writing. I've gotten almost 7 pages handwritten of the newest novel idea that I have. I'm kinda wandering around in the story idea, blindly trying to figure out what happens next and what has already happened.

Think of when you were an unborn infant. You couldn't see anything, but at some point, you became aware that you existed. Your brain had formed to the point that you could respond to external stimulus like your parents' voices and whatnot. But you're still kind of in the dark, so you're feeling around with your unborn hands and feet, trying to figure out what your existence is. And suddenly one day you get born and you have this whole new universe to explore and figure out, but you kind of have people to guide you along the way. I'm still at that point of unborn curiosity with my story. I don't understand much of anything, I just know that the story is there and that something is happening with it. I'm trying to get to the point where the writing will really start and the ideas will really start forming a definite outline of a story. Did that make any sense?

I think I might have to get some kind of snack from the snack machine some time soon. Stupid self. Why did I have to leave half of my lunch at home?

In other news, I went to see Into The Woods this weekend with Sarah and spent some time afterwards at the mall. I have fallen in love with the musical again. I watched a video of the onstage version when I was in high school in theatre class. I loved it, but everyone else in my class hated it, or at least acted like it. People in college don't hate it though. We go around singing and listening to the songs during rehearsals. I'VE FOUND MY PEOPLE. I've got the soundtrack and have been listening to it in my car as I go back and forth from school. I get to listen to it basically one and a half times each day, approximately. My favorite song has to be Agony. Or maybe just the part of Into the Woods with little red riding hood. Or the part on the stairs of the palace. There are lots of little parts that I like more than the whole.

OMG. There's a janitor/custodian lady who is cleaning up right where I am. Apparently, sweeping right by/under people's feet is okay now. Or maybe I'm rude for not being somewhere else. Idk. Its an awkward thing. Sorry.

Oh well. I'm probably going to go to the theatre building in a little bit and watch a movie on my laptop or memorize lines or write or read or listen to music or something.