February 26, 2015

Catching Up on Homework and Stuff

The last performance of our play was on Tuesday, and it was amazing. Any actor can tell you that different performances always have different levels of energy, and that helps give the show a good or bad outcome. A lot of the time, opening night is the night of highest energy. For us, that ended up being the last night of the show. As a cast, we were excited, and there was the thing about being watched by two judges. There were awards on the line! And our audience was a bunch of college theatre people from other schools, so they were feeding us really good energy because they were rooting for us. The show wasn't perfect by any means. There were some little glitches here and there, but the audience and the judges didn't notice. It was great for  a last night.

Yesterday morning, at 9:30, we had our critique. They said a lot of good things, and their things that could use improvement were just little nit-picky things. Then we were supposed to spend that day, today, and tomorrow watching the plays of the other colleges. I watched two plays yesterday, out of the four that were performed. Oedipus Rex, which I didn't care for so much, but then again I don't really like Greek Mythology. And The House of Blue Leaves, which was a great dark comedy and their set was amazing. It was the size of a house! There was even a fridge and a couch and a stove and a television and a sink with running water! And everyone had an accent. It was hilarious but also made me feel like crying.

I went home after that. I didn't want to stay at school until the last play finished at like 11:00. And I'm not going up there today or tommorrow if I can manage it. Unless the director offers to pay for my gas there and back. I don't want to drive 45 minutes there and the same amount of time back. And try to find a way to pay for food. And gas. I use a quarter of a tank of gas each day! I kinda wish I lived closer to the college. But that's Texas for you. I'll be back at the school for the awards show on Saturday. Attending which, I might add, has cost me an Elsa gig. OPPORTUNITY COST! I lost fifty bucks by participating in this, More actually, if you count the other gigs I've had to turn down because of rehearsal.

Today, I get to spend the day catching up on the homework that I've been putting off that is due on Saturday. I hate government homework. And I get to clean the house some. Since apparently out of five people, I'm one of the only ones that does chores. I feel for the maids in the book I'm reading, The Help. Although, I know that I don't have it as bad as they did. I also know that they were way better at cleaning than I am.

I have been working more on writing Letters Home, or rewriting as it would be. I made a huge change, but its going to add a lot to my word count. I just have to take the time to write it all. After that, I'm going to see about getting an agent. I feel like I'm just diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim. That's why I'm going to get an agent. That's going to take a whole lot of weight off of my shoulders. I'm not too concerned with ever being famous, but I do want people to read the things that I write. And  writing is something that I love to do and that I can do while having other jobs. Anyway, I'm hoping that I can see about sending my stuff to an agent by this summer. Aside from attempting to clean/detail my car the week after next (SPRING BREAK! WHOOT!), I plan on doing a lot of writing. I kinda miss nanowrimo because I HAD to write every single day. I want to do it again next year. I've already got a book idea going for it. I just need November to be here. But not too soon.