July 9, 2010

20 days!!!

ok. if i am counting right, there are only twenty days until my birthday. i got an early birthday present today. it was a pair of below-the-ankle, converse-style shoes that are zebra striped. they are the miley cyrus/ max whats-his-name kind from walmart. i like the shoes, not miley. i am kind of disappointed at walmart though. there was a bed-in-a-bag set that i really wanted that matched the colors of my dream room and everything that was there about a week ago but then it disappeared. maybe they have it online and i can get it some other time but i definitely won't get it for my birthday now. oh well, it will all turn out fine in the end. i hope to have four of my best friends (yes, i have four best friends) over to make a music video to the song "real wild child" by "everlife". and then we can have cake and sing karaoke afterward. well, thats all for now. happy summer!