March 15, 2010


my brother woke me up really early this morning and made me move a heavy plastic container because it was too heavy for him. So now i am looking up videos of the phantom of the opera on my nokia e71x. But youtube isnt working right for some reason. The audio of the video will play but the video itself gets stuck or wont play at all. It just started happening yesterday. Do i have any viewers out there yet? I feel like im in a new version of jane and jill. Jill and jane. I really dont know what the title of the movie is. Its about a girl who cooks a bunch of recipes in 1 year by another lady and blogs about it. It was really good. Right now i am remembering that a big thing in that movie was that she loved butter. Wouldnt that be awesome if you could eat a whole thing of butter with sugar? That sounds sooooo unhealthy but very good. Well, ttfn!!!